Cheshire Secrets | Carolyn O’Connell

Digital art—2-16-23
©2023 Miroslava Panayotova

Seizing the Future

Going, Going , Gone!!

The Auctioneer stands on his rostrum gavel in hand
the sale’s about to begin.
Bidders are ready in the room, phone, and internet
ready to bid for the jewels in this sale.
Lot 1
The green farmlands—jade 
Ready  to develop and import all our food
Bidding is fierce 
Australia, Canada, Yankee Developers 
bid high 
as the Gavel goes down.
Lot 2
The National Parks & Forests—emerald lots
Millionaires move
a unique lot not found easily
opportunity for development
houses, theme parks, holiday experiences will give great return.
The gavel goes down.
Lot 3
N.H.S. & Social Care
Designed for free health and care, a choice diamond
Tycoons not in the game
hands rise, phones screech, the Net’s Screen Spins
The Gavel Crashes at 10,000 billion.
Lot 4
Rivers & Reactors—Plus Shorelines
Water and Energy so full of possibilities
this is the Gold Chain
undreamed-of this find, buried for many a decade
the bidding last for hours
The gavel goes down!

Davenham Delights
(Cheshire Secrets)

I walk through this village, where once I stayed,
among the old flower-strewn houses and shops:
an ancient Cheshire place. It retains a playhouse
where the residents show talents, plays old and new,
 a restaurant to gather and celebrate with an Italian.

Here's shops to buy cards, dresses, fill up plastic
containers with as much as desired: dried fruits
nuts, flours, pastas, preserves and vinegars: 
you’ll find eco household cleaners 
and beautiful goods .
There’s a café 
where we sit eating freshly baked tea cake 
and chatting for an hour before leaving 
to Riverside Organics.

Once just a farm but diversification
has made it a place to fill my cupboards
with breads, meat, store cupboard basics
and local delights to put in the freezer.
Outside in the yard we sit to look over the river
enjoying ice cream from their cow’s milk -
fields filled with lambs in spring’s sunshine
Barnton’s Church spire topping the view.

Another lane leads
to a farm where canal boats gather:
a mooring for winter where waterlilies sprout
between boats as Glampers & Wild Campers
scatter the fields that once grazed cattle
we stop at its café. A pop-up Pizza hut 
delights evening campfires food.

River Power

Above the river water a steel screw 
rises its rings silver-haired in sun
its goddess gaze
falling on the water flowing past
the lock, once the route of barges
carrying salt or coal;

an ancient technology 
is being resurrected for today
this screw turned by the river
lights the town, creates heat.

No need for power stations
nuclear or coal 
the screw converts the river’s powers
to clean electricity as Archimedes 
knew long ago.

©2023 Carolyn O’Connell
All rights reserved

Carolyn O’Connell…

…was born and lived in London but moved to Cheshire in 2017. Her collection, Timelines came out in 2014 from Indigo Dreams. Here work has been included in Anthologies, including Quality of Mersey, Under the Blue Bridge, The Stones Speak Their Language, among others. She is a member of Vale Royal Writers, Ormond Poetry, and Poetry PF.



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