Comments on Second Light: organization, publications and remote workshops

Second Light:

… affirming and creative, thoughtful and wide-ranging. It is unique in offering practical advice, support, activities geared to promoting visibility and publication outlets for women poets.
Katherine Gallagher

Discovering Second Light was for me like opening a door and letting in the fresh air: it’s unstuffy, wide-horizoned, inviting and inspirational.
Mary MacRae


…certain to become a must-have, must-read journal for all involved with contemporary poetry…
Penelope Shuttle

Hooray for ARTEMISpoetry! Why are women so good at poetry? Like Artemis the archer, they see so clearly, and they aim straight for the mark. Not distracted by ego or vanity, they just want to say it as it is – the most difficult thing in the world to do. Written, edited, financed wholly by women, full of excellent poems, reviews, articles and information, ARTEMISpoetry is just what we need.
U A Fanthorpe & R V Bailey

Her Wings of Glass:

Her Wings of Glass is an amazing anthology — and most beautifully printed and produced
Pauline Stainer

I must say I’m impressed! There are so many poets, so many unexpected poems. You’ve done us proud.
Anne Stevenson

The anthology … is fabulous. Congratulations!
Prof. Dr. Lidia Vianu (Bucharest)

I’m completely wowed by the anthology: an absolutely outstanding collection making a powerful impact … I think it is the most important anthology for decades.
John Killick

Many congratulations to the editors of Her Wings of Glass! I read it from cover to cover over Christmas and found it tremendously inspiring. It was such a pleasure to read work from poets new to me, or whose work was less familiar, as well as the well-chosen poems from those whose work I knew better. I thought the sections mapped a really helpful and convincing way through. The poems were so fine and urgent that the book was as hard to put down as any novel! I felt very honoured to have poems included.
Moniza Alvi

just to congratulate Second Light on this huge anthology. There’s so much virtuosity among the poets – it puts to an end my reservations about the notion of ‘women’s poetry’ and I think the triumph comes from your chosen themes that brought out the passion women feel about our current situation – your introduction too was brilliant in priming us for what was to come. There were so many poets I ‘don’t know/hadn’t heard of’ I was so pleased to discover.

Judy Gahagan

Remote Workshop Series: Her Wings of Glass:

highly beneficial, thoughtful workshops, well-paced
Ruth Hill (Canada)

they are wonderful, something of a life-saver
Patricia Huth Ellis (UK)

[I] recommend them, both for range and value – really stretching
Carolyn O’Connell (UK)

my copy [Her Wings of Glass] has arrived. Lots of wonderful poems. And the workshops are great.
Moya Pacey (Australia)


Jamie Dedes is a Lebanese-American poet and free-lance writer. She is the founder and curator of The Poet by Day, info hub for poets and writers, and the founder of The Bardo Group, publishers of The BeZine, of which she was the founding editor and currently a co-manager editor with Michael Dickel. Ms. Dedes is the Poet Laureate of Womawords Press 2020 and U.S associate to that press as well. Her debut collection, "The Damask Garden," is due out fall 2020 from Blue Dolphin Press.

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