Fixed Stars Govern A Life: Decoding Syliva Plath by Julia Gordon-Bremer

UnknownExcerpt from Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath, vol one

Julia Gordon-Bramer
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Advance Praise for
Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath,
Volume One:“With clarity and erudition, Ms. Gordon-Bramer illuminates how Plath’s masterpiece
refects a clear and intentional alignment with the Tarot and the Qabalah’s Tree of Life. With each
poem, and the collection as a whole, Gordon-Bramer weaves the esoteric mysteries with historical interpretation in a fascinating scholarly analysis that is original, provocative, magical.
Fixed Stars Govern a Life is an incantation of great resonance and power, and its publication will be a sensation.”

Susan L. Woods, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Women’s Studies, Eastern Illinois University “Like her beloved Yeats, Sylvia Plath was drawn to numerous and often contradictory systems of belief and ways of knowing, including mystical and magical systems. Julia Gordon-Bramer, in her dazzling and meticulously researched book, shows us how Sylvia Plath may have drawn upon the images of the tarot to fuse and merge the many ways of knowing she was so profoundly inspired by—myth, science, current events, folklore, alchemy, literature, motherhood, art and other sources
to create the poems in Ariel, one of the great literary achievements of the 20th century. In doing so, Julia Gordon-Bramer illuminates, expands on, and asks profound questions about the very nature of making and creating poems.” – Catherine Bowman, winner of the Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize, the Kate Tufts Discovery Award for Poetry, the Dobie Paisano Fellowship, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry, and author of The Plath Cabinet
and other collections

“A wonderful exploration of Plath’s Ariel poems in relation to myth, symbol, and the creative process.” – Kathleen Connors, author of
Eye Rhymes: Sylvia Plath’s Art of the Visual

“Lucid and intriguing… what is valuable about
Fixed Stars Govern a Life is that it is such a great source study with commentary on what Plath read, what was happening at the time of the poem, and more.” – Carl Rollyson, author of
American Isis: the Life and Art of Sylvia Plath

“An intriguing book that prompts the reader to look at Plath with fresh eyes.
Fixed Stars Govern a Life aims to explore the poet’s hidden side and as such it is a refreshingly welcome addition to Plath studies.”
– Andrew Wilson, author of Mad Girl’s Love Song

Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath
Volume I: The Major Arcana and the First 22 Poems of Plath’s
Ariel Julia Gordon-Bramer
Stephen F. Austin State University Press Nacogdoches, Texas


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