Do You Regret or Rejoice?

This quarter’s issue of The BeZine has a theme of “A Life of the Spirit” and it occurred to me that a person’s “Spirit” can be shaped and influenced quite a bit by his/her attitude(s). With self-awareness and some practice, you can shape your own Spirit into what you want it to be.

It’s an interesting concept, no? There is a cosmic Give and Take. We lose something but gain something else. One door closes and another one opens. Do you regret or rejoice? Are you a PollyAnna, a Scrooge or somewhere in between? Which attitude seems to be your norm — positive or negative?

One thing I’ve learned in life is that life is neither all good nor all bad. But attitude really does play an important part in what you notice. Just like anything, attitudes can become habit, whether positive or negative. It’s amazing how many people don’t even really know what their general attitude is from day to day, or don’t pay attention to what attitude they are projecting. And have you noticed how being around someone with a bad attitude or someone with a good attitude can often change your own? Is it contagious? I think it is.

How aware are you of your own patterns that shape your attitude? As crazy as it sounds, there are people who are not comfortable/happy unless they are depressed or negative or have something to bitch about. I think it is mostly unconscious for these people, and probably has just become a habit. The good news is that like any habit, it can be changed. But you have to want it enough to work at it.

If you find yourself constantly thinking sad or negative thoughts, every time you notice it, make an effort to tell that inner voice to STOP! and immediately try to think of something positive or something for which you are grateful. It’s not easy and it takes practice. It takes awhile to even recognize negative thoughts. But the more you do it, the easier it gets.

I’m not a PollyAnna by any means, and have a tendency to fall back into old negative patterns sometimes…(everyone is entitled to a bad day or two now and then)…but in the past few years I have become a LOT more positive in my thinking and attitude. And it has made my life better, without a doubt. I won’t necessarily tell you that the glass is half full, but maybe it isn’t quite as empty as it looks.

So how about you? Do you regret or rejoice? I hope you choose to be happy (happier) and remember to be grateful for the GOOD things in life that you have! 😉

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