A Dream | Imen Benyoub

This ReCollection entry, as the three before it, represents one of the four quarterly themes, as seen in the first issue of The BeZine, October 31, 2014—Life of the Spirit. Our founding editor, Jamie Dedes, was also a photographer. Here we see one of her photos, published in that first issue of The BeZine.

photo 1-2
A jar of tears
Resting on the grass
Beside a stone grave
Covered with diaphanous scarves
Knitted from April sunlight
And pearly beads made of dew
I know she was here

At dawn
She opens up like a black tulip
And in my way to nowhere I see her
Her face is a white cloud
Kneeling in a silent moment of prayer

At twilight
She collects a rising star
And the silver crescent of the moon
And disappears like a column of smoke

Spirits chanting hymns of the night
Lanterns floating
In the silky darkness I follow
A thread of light left behind
To the heart of the woods

Oh guardian with eyes like dark jewels
I am inhabited by a cry
There is a longing in my soul
In the vastness of the night I become a saint
A white dove, a wild flower
Haunting like a memory, aching like a wound
Under your touch

Let me kiss your bare feet
Until the earth gives birth
I want to get lost in the lines of your palm
Baptize me with your tears, with your breath
Until I am light, until I am free
Until the earth and I are one

Poem ©2014 Imen Benyoub
Photo ©2014 Jamie Dedes
All rights reserved


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