Nomenclature… | Charles W. Martin

From the first issue in 2014, The BeZine focused on the themes that now rotate through our quarterly issues: sustainABILITY, Waging Peace, Social Justice, and Life of the Spirit (and Activism, now). This selection from the very first issue, by Charles W. Martin, presents a (humorous) example.

aunt bea
i've figured out
why people
don't believe in
global warming
it's got 
the wrong 
people see
hear about
ice floes into homes
around the world
these hot 
and cold 
flashes of weather
make people say
you call that
global warming
we need a name
that matches the symptoms
the earth is experiencing
a term that conveys
the extremes 
of the earth's moods
the difficult times
ahead for
i'm recommending
global menopause
there's a term
even a politician
will be able 
to comprehend

©2013 Charles W. Martin
All rights reserved

Charles W. Martin…

…earned his Ph.D. in Speech and Language Pathology with an emphasis in statistics. Throughout Charlie’s career, he maintained a devotion to the arts (literature/poetry, the theater, music and photography). Upon retirement in 2010, he turned his full attention to poetry and photography.



Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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