Two Flowers–Two Sunsets | Ira Director

Like Two Flowers in the Wind

  Like two flowers
blowing in the wind
we touch
eyes open
            we touch
like two      
           in the wind
Artwork: Two flowers in the wind, Ira Director, acrylic on paper

6 Noas and a Sunset

6 Noas and a Sunset

sometimes I think of a name
before I know what it means

6 Noas and a Sunset

I know the 6 Noas
is our time together

but what’s a sunset

I’ve been wondering

is it the end of a day

a transition

or simply     a lot

of bright    


Sunset and tree
Ira Director
acrylic on glass
Stone tired
from the steep climb
and dusty tracks,
one by one 
we clear the ridge
and sit
on flat piled rocks
torn bags rustle
as people find
the last apple
or those crumpled cookies
we’re always saving

slowly it breaks
the final sunset 
of this dirty trip

as the gold and orange 
spill blood on the sharp crags:

but Kathy
                  off to the side
                                       back towards the sunset

©2023 Ira Director
All rights reserved

Ira Director…

…was born in Chicago and is an artist and poet with a BA in Philosophy and MA in English Literature and Poetry. Works have been published in journals and e-zines; exhibited in galleries and in International Mail Art Network projects. Poems and paintings are sometimes combined, with both integral to the pieces.

Exhibit—a Retrospective: 50 years of art and poetry


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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