Veritas Unspoken Larceny | TAK Erzinger


The world gave off a wildness
its body abundant.
Blessed at the end of a long day
with the balance of necessity.

Complex in its simplicity
not taking more than needed.
Universal, a final destination,
death without fear
under the long round shadow
of the sun.

Today most don’t understand what nature says.
It knows how to speak.
So much to share. It calls out again and again.
Telling the truth, but now no one listens.

Orca, Calfornia
© 2021 Gabriel Tovar via Unsplash

Unspoken Pact

We were already here
one in our harmony.
When you arrived
it was early in the day,
you were as vulnerable as we were.

An era no one recalls
lost between sunrises and sunsets
you found your way
searching like us for a place to survive
in a maze of land and water.

Then you discovered
from your very first steps
the sound of your own voice
over flinted fire which burned
as brightly as you did.

Between continents
aglow in discovery,
reproduction seemed to stretch from here to eternity
ravenous for all we had readily shared
now, you consume all in your sight
and have become our adversary.


Of the waves on the sea
its tide dances,
late evening glows
below sunken mysteries.

Plankton on the surface,
moon rising high,
mammals float in a rhythm,
in this place that’s their home.

Plastic pieces
just lifeless souls
interfere with these moments.
invaders robbing what they know.

Quiet dying beasts
vanishing when no one’s looking,
washing upon shores
in this place that’s their home.

©2023 TAK Erzinger
All rights reserved

TAK Erzinger…

…is an award-winning poet. Her collection At the Foot of the Mountain (Floricanto Press California, 2021) won the University of Indianapolis Etching Press, Whirling Prize 2021 for best nature poetry book. It was also a finalist at The International Book Awards 2022, Willow Run Book Awards and Eyelands Book Awards. Erzinger’s forthcoming poetry collection Tourist (Sea Crow Press, Massachusetts) is due out in spring 2023. Erzinger is an American/Swiss poet and artist with a Colombian background. She lives on a foothill of a Swiss alp with her husband and cats.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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