Generation Living Dead — Samantha Terrell

What’s a Generation?

Twenty years
325,980 bombs
Sent away
From these United States.
But sent towards?
Towards a bigger empire,
A wealthier portfolio,
Another generation
Trained to defend
A cruel nation.

Song of the Living Dead

The living
Bury ourselves in shame
Of pipeline trenches dug.

The living are ripped
Jaggedly, lengthwise; symmetry undone
By fracking.

The salt of the living
Bleeds, nuclear waste
Leaking into ocean waters.

The living mourn the loss
Of nature’s bountiful song,
Supplanted by the drone strikes of the dead.


Remind me, 
Your anger 
Is fear.
It will 
Help me 

Unarticulated words on 
The page of your 
Heart, pore over 
Them as I would my own,
To set aside ugly faces, 

Them into vulnerability;
Into tenderness; Tenderness, relatability –
Where we are one –
Where we know 
Each other’s words so well we can, finally, grow.

©2021 Samantha Terrell
All rights reserved

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