Pretending Peace & More — Samantha Terrell

Tulip at Night - Digital Work - Miroslava Panayotova
Tulip at Night – Digital Work – Miroslava Panayotova

Pretending Peace

My peace plant has
Two American flags stuck in.
I like to imagine
One flag for peace abroad,
The other – peace at home. 
But imaginations are 
A dangerous thing,
Causing us to look for answers.
And, much to my chagrin,
Sometimes reality
Is scarier than pretend.


Skin color,
Size up my bank account.

Size up his bank account.

Size up their bank accounts.

Equals in eyes 
Who size up where power lies.

I’m Not Qualified to Pray for Peace

To pray for peace 
Is too bold and ambitious, 
When we know not what it means.

Maybe instead, 
The prayers and hopes to offer
Would be for the wealthy 
To be generous with their coffers;

For the injured and diseased 
To find relief from their pain;
Or, for drought-laden countries
To get their share of rain.
Maybe we should pray for safety
For the world’s children,
Instead of praying for peace 
To do a magic-trick in volatile regions.
Or, we could pray for cooperation 
Amongst all cultures, nations and religions,
Rather than generic peace treaties 
Which become tools of derision.

And, if we pray for fewer
Loaded guns, less animosity,
We might begin to understand this
Loaded word called peace.

©2021 Samantha Terrell
All rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “Pretending Peace & More — Samantha Terrell

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these with us, Samantha! You portray stark truths that can be painful to admit and look at head-on. But I really like the last poem, and your suggestions about what to pray for instead of the hard to capture, nebulous, weighted word “Peace”. 🙂


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