Gertrude’s Poem

To name a purple flower—hubris;
To call red a rose.
A rose is a rose is a rose,
She said.
The fruit of purple.
So like an apple—
so unlike an apple—
poison to eat.
—Sodom’s apple
A rash thought that
blisters my skin.
A rose is a rose is a rose,
She said.

—Michael Dickel

Sodom's Apple Ein Fascha (near the Dead Sea) photographs ©2018 Michael Dickel
Sodom Apple [1]
Ein Fascha
(near the Dead Sea)
photographs ©2018 Michael Dickel

[1] Calotropis procera, a milkweed native to the Dead Sea and Sodom, Israel and other desert regions” (Wikipedia). Known also as Apple of Sodom.

Which is also the title of a Marilyn Manson song written for a David Lynch film, Lost Highway (warning: strong images in this YouTube music video of the Marilyn Manson song):

This poem originally appeared on Instagram, in an earlier version.


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