I think it’s now generally agreed

Sustainability should be our creed

Not this endless slash-and-burn destruction

That mentality comes from self-centred greed.

There isn’t any defining definition

Much more could be done, in a coalition.

If we could bring about some lasting change

Some balanced ideas, sweeping in exchange

On some universal scale the world

This blue planet could be, better sustained

For all…We mustn’t ever be, deterred

Coz-any-meaningful-outcome is hard earned.

We need to meet the needs of the future

Who amongst us here isn’t a wrongdoer?

All our thinking needs to change at some point

Who amongst here hasn’t been a polluter?

Each man, woman and child should be employed

Surely we don’t want to disappoint.

Shouldn’t our children, children’s existence

Be better or equal in ecosystems

How can we make a difference ourselves?

Listening to all the statisticians

Wows, scary, please give it your best attempts

No longer close your eyes in pretence.

Overpopulated are our societies

Side by side spreading untold anxieties

Our global footprint isn’t it a crushing weight

We must look at our own, improprieties

Decide how we’re going to change this fate

… Else just drift till it’s all just, too late.

© 2018, Mark Andrew Heathcote

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