The reverie of falling water
green against the rich backdrop
reflecting the forest foliage
breaks into my nightmare
where I had to take up weapons
to defend myself against the ones
who were trying to kill off my friends
My green spaces are a baptism of light
They do not try to coerce, threaten or buy my silence or affright
my wife or children with fascism’s cry, saying
“rally to the black hammer and the hordes under its banner”
My green spaces reject it simply
by being green
The world shows its middle finger
to the black hammers, even in war time
These green spaces of my poetry are the ones they will come to
for rest
after the weary battle is won and over.

– Ampat Koshy

2 thoughts on “Green Spaces

  1. I think the essence of this is all gathered in these two lines:

    “My green spaces reject it simply
    by being green”

    Yes, green spaces are more than important – and yes, yours are splendid fighters and teachers!

    Liked by 1 person

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