Let’s Hear It for the Bees – Three Cheers (Bees, Part 2)


There are different kinds of achievement in this shot. The first is that I managed to capture it at all, teetering in a flower bed with my Kodak Easyshare. The sun was full on too so I could not see the camera screen. But by far the biggest achievement is the presence of three bumble bees all at once.

All over the world bee numbers have been declining. Swarms in the US have been especially hit. Over the last few decades many factors have played a part, including habitat erosion, lack of quality forage and disease. But in 2006 honey bee keepers began to report dramatic losses. It involved the deaths of whole hives and has been dubbed colony collapse disorder.

Environmentalists believe the cause to be the neonicotinoids in the new generation of pesticides. They want them banned until unbiased research proves otherwise. It is a sobering thought that without bees to pollinate fruit and vegetables, the US would be left with only three staples that do not require insect pollination: wheat, rice and corn.

To find out more, please visit Dear Kitty. Some Blog. She has posted a good video that covers this topic. In the meantime, everyone needs to think about what they can do to encourage bees, including growing some bee-friendly plants. We also need to be prepared to pay a little more for organic produce, or to do what we can to grow our own food, WITHOUT chemicals.

This would be a real achievement – not only good for bees, but for us, the soil, and other wildlife besides.

© Tish Farrell


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It for the Bees – Three Cheers (Bees, Part 2)

  1. I think it was Einstein who said, at one point, that should bees disappear, all life on earth would vanish within four years. Now, I’m not sure it was Einstein, or that life would really disappear entirely from the earth should bees cease to exist. However, I am certain that so many forms of life depend on the existence of these little creatures and their activity, so, even if we wouldn’t actually die, things wouldn’t be pleasant either. We must consider this, if not for our future, than for the future of our children.


  2. I do not use chemicals in my flowerbeds or gardens. I do use Neem Oil on my roses, but try to use only earth-friendly (and insect friendly) approaches for growing. I have even converted my next door neighbor into not using chemicals and trying the Neem Oil instead, so I consider that small progress. 🙂 If we could all convince even one other person to try natural methods, it would help. It won’t counterbalance Big Ag’s influence, but it will help. Beyond that, spreading the word far and wide that the neonics are killing the bees (and us, by proxy) is a fight we all need to keep waging. Beautiful picture, by the way!

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