Hope Beats | Chrysty Darby Hendrick

Hope beats at the heart of humanity
It beats within where none can bar its way
It beats aloud in the shouts of protests
It beats steadily in the hands of the medics
Hope beats

Swiss banks freeze after 500 years of hibernation in neutrality
And a farmer feeds his hungry homeless used-to-be neighbors
Hope beats

Worldwide people choose sanctions with their higher prices 
To rally against the price of Ukranian blood
And a Polish driver takes a volunteer to the border
Hope beats

Russian independent broadcasters protest the lies Putin mandates
Risking their lives playing Swan Lake on repeat as long as they can
And a Russian boy’s last words inspire a viral TikTok song reaching more than 2 million people
Hope beats

Diapers, formula, hairbrushes, toothpaste; donation sites in Poland fill to capacity
And the Meme Mom I follow tells me the truth through her camera in Eastern Europe
Hope beats

Hope beats at the heart of humanity
It beats in every act of kindness and charity for love
It beats in every act of defiance and courage for justice
It beats in every act of sacrifice for the sake of others
Listen for the Hope Beats

©2022 Chrysty Darby Hendrick
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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