Voices for Ukraine x2

Voices for Ukraine — Words Together, Worlds Apart

A virtual reading series born out of pandemic, meant to outlast it. To maintain & build literary community across distance through our shared love of words. Words Together, Worlds Apart held a virtual poetry reading of US and Ukrainian poets, plus translators on 01 March at 12:30 pm NYC time, 7:30 pm Kyiv time.

Since the start of social distancing, poets Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach and Kelly Grace Thomas created a virtual platform for poetry that would get us through this time, but also outlast, endure, be somehow beneficial beyond it too. This reading demonstrates the benefit of virtual events.

In the midst of war, Ukrainian poets in Ukraine read their work to an international audience that peaked at over 800 participants. Others were out of Ukraine but joined in solidarity. They were joined by US poets who read poems in support of Ukraine and peace. I watched and listened to this moving performance.

In this YouTube, you can also watch the two-and-a-half hours of poetry in solidarity. As it’s video, you can stop and start, like a book. Savor it. Go back and listen again.

The program is available here online.

Pen American Voices of Ukraine

“As Ukraine faces a fight the likes of which it hasn’t seen since WWII, writers across the US joined by their Ukrainian colleagues will read in solidarity with all Ukrainian people,” Pen America‘s announcement began. Another lineup of Ukrainian and US poets held online, this one 04 March at 2:00 pm NYC / 9:00 pm Kyiv time. Unfortunately, I could not watch this one as it happened. Happily, like you, I can watch it on YouTube.

Details about the reading are in the Pen America announcement.

For more news and more information about Ukraine writers, visit the Free Expression in Ukraine page on the Pen America website.


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