I understand the homeless man
Confusion in his eyes
Tries to survive the best he can
There is sorrow, in his sigh

Life dealt him a deck of cards
With no Kings, Queens, or pairs
Day to day life is really hard
Especially when nobody cares

He tried to reach a peaceful state
Accidental over-medicate
Cannot shake a dark affliction
Desparation leads to drug addiction

Society, it makes no sense
Within a foggy mind
A victim of poor circumstance
Let’s find a reason to be kind

– Brian Crandall

© 2015, poem, Brian Crandall, All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “I Understand

    1. Thank You. Sorry for the late reply, I have always received notification that there were comments, but for some reason my computer would not show them until just recently. I still don’t know why it was doing that, but I’m glad I can finally see comments

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