Invading Nation | Irene Emanuel

Ukraine Burning

Invading nation
annihilation, desecration
without conversation.

Invading nation
altercation, condemnation
without invitation.

Bombs landing
on people standing,
no permission or intermission.

Crumbling bricks,
Russian tricks,
no remorse, war in force.

People crying,
people dying;
homes deserted, justice perverted.

Landscape battered,
thousands scattered;
next excursion to border incursion.

Bully bashing,
Ukraine crashing;
History veiled as the World derailed.

No relief
from disbelief
that leaders kill just for the thrill.

Peace #16
Digital Art
Dean Pasch ©2022

Ban the Bomb

Bloody bombs,
Burning bombs
Breaking lives and worlds.
Bleeding bombs,
Blasting bombs
Broken bodies curled.
Body bombs,
Car bombs,
Intent on dying.
Big bombs,
Baby bombs,
GOD is really crying.
Who are they
Who die to kill,
Who seek their glory
In one last thrill?
Who are they
Who make their plan
To obliterate all
That belongs to Man?
They’re Devil Blood,
They’re in Satan’s purse;
They thrive on pain
And pray a curse.
But still the bombs
Are bursting through
With no regret
For them or you.
Battered people
Hurting people
With bombs.
Black bombs,
Blue bombs,
Bruised bodies.
Brown bombs,
Red sand,
Screaming land.

Poems ©2022 Irene Emanuel
All rights reserved

Irene Emanuel…

…was born in Johannesburg, lived in Durban, and now lives in Port Elizabeth. She won of the “Hilde Slinger” cup for poetry in 2009 and again in 2013, and the “Fay Goldie” cup for General Success in the World of Publishing in 2011, both from the South African Writers” Circle. Nine of her poems were published in “Signatures” an anthology of Women’s poetry (2008), and shre represented “Live Poets’ Society” in “Poetry Africa” that same year. In 2006, “A Scorpion Sings,” her first anthology, appeared. Other anthologies published between 2006 and 2015 are: “Count Catula of Shadoland & Friends,” “A Peace of Me.” and  “A Scorpion Sings Again.”


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