“sea” is not a mistake | Ira Director

pale brown

american blacks: pale brown
slavers hunted/ bought
flesh from africa 
why not cheap
american talent? Bottom 
give native american heavy metal 
long wooden handle 
count rest of your sad life in seconds MF. 
WARRIORS: (sea: come home caring their shield, or on it/ 
sea: why is a king a king, and a slave .../ 
sea: tight packers, or loose packers/ 
sea: colonial era>>><<< sea: "heart of darkness", 
sea: "he said he loved you."/ 
sea: "apocalypse now"/ Sea: "words no good"  

Note: “sea” is not a mistake.

They say,

“He survived the camps”
They say,
“He came back from the war”
They say,
“He recovered from the illness”

no one survives
comes back

only a thin sack
around his naked body
shelters his face from the dirt
Published in “The Last Stanza” 2011

a soldier bleeds

a soldier
bleeds then dies

a woman bleeds or 

another soldier
is born
A Soldier Bleeds
ira Director ©2022

©2022 Ira Director
All rights reserved

Ira Director…

…is a Chicago born artist and poet Ira Director who has published in journals and e-zines; exhibited in galleries and contributed to the International Mail Art Network. Poems and paintings may be combined, with both integral to the pieces. In 2002 he instituted Poetry from Bar-Ilan for poets to read their works in public venues, and produced it for over 10 years. His contributions to the arts span over 50 years.

Ex. 2022 a Retrospective: 50 years of art and poetry


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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