Just Justice | Samantha Terrell

When we say we’re for equal rights,
That must mean we’re feminists.

If we’re for civil rights, 
Apparently we are black.

We have to label ourselves with 
A rainbow, if we want to support LGBTs,

Yellow ribbons to show 
We care about veterans.

And, don’t forget your pink ribbon 
For breast cancer survivors. 

When will all the labeling stop, so 
De-stigmatizing can begin?

When will all the niceties finally fall apart, so
Messy realities can cover over superficialities?

Why can’t rights just be rights?
When will justice, mean just justice?

We’re not all black feminist lesbian veteran breast cancer survivors,
But we can all be the Americans America needs us to be.

©2021 Samantha Terrell
All rights reserved


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