Things Everyone Knows? | Samantha Terrell

There’s a Winslow Homer
Painting of a small ship with
Gloucester on the side, and
That’s the name of the boat,
Not its heading – although in this case,
It was both; and,
It’s Gloucester, Mass., 
Not Gloucester, England.  

Of course, Homer was a famous artist, 
Who shares a name with a famous author, 
Who painted words 
Instead of portraits – but, similarly,
Depicted humanity and war and our
Struggle with good and evil. 
And, don’t forget, “the
Devil’s in the details.”

For instance, did you notice the
Masterful artistic line
Winslow used in each of the
Sailing lines on the Gloucester?
(A rope on a boat is a “line,” 
You know –  not a “rope.”)
We could carry on and on about lines – 
	like, bread lines make it hard to learn sailing and art – 
But no one likes a literary trope.

©2021 Samantha Terrell
All rights reserved


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