Fingers click sharing stories that appeal
propelled by entrenched views, comments,
as everyone becomes a journalist
without training or virtue of the past,

when editors checked veracity of
the story and news was slowly proven
before the compliers set the presses;
and families gathered round the radio
to listen to the news in quiet trust of truth.

Fathers would confirm and comment
teaching the children respect and values,
mothers quietly agreed with commentators
who spoke with surety and sense
when interviewing politicians who
spoke with quiet authority and honesty.

But the Joker’s entered all’s seen as if
two saw the same man in a hat, one saw
black the other white. It’s Loki’s pranks,
as he triumphs over truth and honesty.
The cards shuffle and throw up dissent.

Now they interrupt before the questions answered
no information is heard above demanding cackle
leaving the news reinforced by walls of opinion
entrenched by inherited values and beliefs

that people who are different are a danger
and fixed elite are the politicians
who have no care of all that’s treasured
the safety of home and family.

Rising voices cry for clarity, the surety of
work and home, but it fades into economy
as robots; globalization takes over tradition,
they hear the voices promising return to
all that once was familiar typical of country

and turn to those who promise a return
to times of triumph when the truth was known.

© 2017, Carolyn O’Connell

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