My Favorite Poem by Dear G Jamie Dedes

At a time when the world is in shock and grief, mourning in black and burying in white, this week’s prompt turns the heart and mind towards the profound joy prevalent in nature. Sympathy comfort and support leads to a state of serenity, and acceptance of the harsh realities. Just as the endless sky meets the ocean line, grief slowly drowns deep, and wave after wave touches the shore to confirm eternal love and hope of more coming joy.

As the striking poem moves on the reader finds it replete with vivid imagery from the contours of the berries to the universal curves of celestial creation and can surely visualize the countless constellations beyond the moon and the solar system. The imaginative mind will leave the mundane, perhaps may not rest, but taking joy along will fly high to seek the ultimate bliss.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” John Keats wrote and G Jamie Dedes was so full of love positivity profound inspiration and extreme joy which she shared with everyone.

—Anjum Wasim Dar

Photo by G Jamie Dedes

Contours of Joy

 In that place where endless sky meets ocean wave
 Where plump blue berry meets thin green leaf,
 Where clarity gifts a kaleidoscope of joy.
 . . . . . Breathe and breathe and never mind
 The house begging for repair, the tree wanting a trim.
 Never mind the floors awaiting the broom
 The accounts begging for their balance…
 . . . . . . Observe the contours joy… 

 From the quiet mind and the stilled pen,
 Joy! dancing on sunbeams and resting
 On the limb of a moon-lit tree…

Poem and Photograph ©2019 Jamie Dedes
All rights reserved


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