my name is huda

i am the child you waited for

i am the hope of your tomorrow

the dream of your today

i am the sparkle in your eye

your love come to stay

my name is huda

the daughter you would die for

i will bring you grandchildren

whose sweet faces you never will kiss

i will sing you sweet songs

that can’t be heard above the hiss

of silver vultures shredding skies

raining down grief upon those

left behind and those who are to die

my name is huda

i am your sister

i will dance barefoot in the sands of time

as time is shattered by death’s firing lines

and darkness swallows this life of mine

while the world looks the other way

evil here has come to stay

how might it all be held at bay

my name is huda

i am your cousin

i will take care of you when you are old

give you shelter from the cold

i am neither brave nor bold

it is simply that you are my loved one

whom i cherish most under the sun

and i will be with you when this is all done

my name is huda

i am your wife

my father is gone

my brothers my sisters my cousins too

i have no one now save for you

i am yours

i am you

we are all


our name



© Jenean Gilstrap

You can read Jenean’s bio HERE.

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