IMG_0183There is you, confident and strong
Your loving words telling me
“I love your short hair”
Promising that you will stay
One more day the next time

And the me
Fragile like this peaceful morning in wartime
Savagely clinging to these moments
Of burgeoning happiness
And your kiss on my trembling lips

Because we never know
When our world might shatter

There is a dancing light
On the sheets of yesterday’s love
And a new dove’s nest
In the hole of the wall

There is a single white cloud
Pinned to a disturbingly azure sky
And a shredded curtain waltzing
In the light breeze

A distant tolling of bells
A street vendor selling oranges

© Imen Benyoub

You can read Imen’s bio HERE. Photo credit: Jamie Dedes.

6 thoughts on “This Peaceful Morning in Wartime

  1. You do such a good job of bringing the reader right to where you describe, Imen. You definitely have a gift for imagery and it shows that your words are carefully chosen. This scene you have shown us in this poem is sad, but it also shows that people *can* be living in the moment, cherishing the current day – even more so because of the real threat that it will be taken away at any time.


  2. This is an amazing, powerful, sad, beautiful poem full of humanity. There are so many beautiful images—”a dancing light/ On the sheets of yesterday’s love” and “a disturbingly azure sky/ And a shredded curtain waltzing/ In the light breeze…” the strongest, for me. But the whole poem—thank you.


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