Pandemic Feelings | Samantha Terrell

Pandemics, and Bigger Problems

Ann Privateer
Unnamed 4
United around toilet paper—
But divided by, “I can’t breathe,”
And necks pressed down by authoritarian knees— 
Are misplaced.

United by crooked systems—
Who built fortress walls around
The people’s house  
In order to shut citizens out,

Endanger them
More than
Bodies—united, risking
Social distancing,
To protest corruption.  

Minds united
By democracy and peace
And social justice remedies,
Will bring restoration
To a nation.

Fictionalized Feelings

Miroslava Panayotava
abstract composition, 2 digital
With scattered pieces

Try to put themselves together,
Positioning jagged parts that do not fit.
The other bits

Scramble to find their places.
The alignment isn’t right.
Some pieces are too tight,

While others simply sit
Cast aside,

But a cult-like desire to
Be part of the whole, stay –  
However worthlessly – in place,

Keeps the stubborn ones
Jamming things up, as part of a collective
Belief system, prohibitive

To healing progress.

Waterboarding (Will Never Work)

Edward Lee
Reach Up
(‘Between Sleep And Dreams’)
The ending
Of torture
Is not equivalent
To healing,

The absence
Of dread
Does not
Equate to hope –

It’s a start,
Nurtured by
Recognizing peace
Is not a science,
But an art.

Poetry ©2021 Samantha Terrell
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

One thought on “Pandemic Feelings | Samantha Terrell

  1. Pandemic Feelings Samantha Terrell: I listen to your words, I hear them in my mind, I will speak and share them when I can, I’ve tucked them in my heart.
    Thank you.


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