The Grudge | Seema Prusty

Dreams, spoilt 
Expectations, marred
Aspirations, killed.

Then she came, as if to complement me-
Traversing my soul and heart,
Invading my every thought,
Leaving an indelible stain of the how it all happened.

Resentful, as I become,
Languished in dreamlessness,
Alienated from the quest of life,
As they live rent-free in my mind.
So heavy a price I pay!

Encumbered, as I bear with my grudge
Waiting for trespassers seeking my forgiveness
I only find more paths crossing
My pains fading into oblivion.

Left with nothing but gratitude
Slowly, the pangs of the grudge 
Fade away
I thank the Universe for bestowing on me
The honor of forgiving, I touch the void
As everything falls in its place.
Miroslava Panayotova
Rose and Sea
digital art

©2021 Seema Prusty
All rights reserved


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