R & J & the Loaves & Fishes | Gayle Bell

R yells to God and the angels
that revolve in his head
He’s on that rock
That hard place
J likes the bottle
they watch each other’s back

B talks to the unseen 
eloquent when he touches Earth
Clothes torn dusty funk smelling
doesn’t want your help
no thank you
No medicine, no white coats

Ms. V mother to the streets
Soft spoken and clean
Wont stay in a shelter
wont stay in any where
Compassionate hearts have tried
She’ll sometimes click and cuss you out
hug you tight the next day

BR is a hustler to his soul
born from too little and way to late
Once knew soft arms and a home
that’s the way that is

My partner was tough enough
on the streets of Portland 
Following dreams and a piece of tail

M & R got that boulder on their back
he makes her walk the streets
S was running from spirits
pissed herself sometimes laying under a tree

Sometimes we roam the park
Give out cans of franks and beans crackers
anything we have in our pantry

Her and I
Go to church and feed them
casseroles beans whatever people bring
100 plus hungry mouths
come through my line
I smile say God Bless You Be Safe

I am supposed to say something
wise or meaningful
How the streets keep some
let some go
But I don’t have it to give

©2021 Gayle Bell
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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