Raining Rubies | Dessy Tsvetkova

Dove on top of the Western Wall supporting the Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem
Photograph Michael Dickel ©2006

With a sword raised

With a sword raised
towards the sun,
they used to rule the land
for centuries.

The sword
looks so much
like an elongated cross ...

But nowadays
the cross
is embodied
by a dove 
with outstretched wings.

  that flies
towards the sun
and to God.


from the sky
it's raining

Red drops

They pour
for the innocent 
as a belief...

They sprout

One at a time
for each

The memory of peace

Loving fireflies
sharing all the joy...
Summer nights,
splendid tenderness of Eden...
Careless sunsets
of caressing sky glory,
soul enlightened by the heaven...
Chanted warming blessings.
Crickets symphonies of peace.
Travel back in time, enhancing...
Feeling of a childhood breeze...

©2022 Dessy Tsvetkova
All rights reserved

Dessy Tsvetkova…

…is Bulgarian who writes poems in Bulgarian and in English. She lived in Luxembourg and currently she lives and works in Belgium. Dessy has publications in many Bulgarian magazines and newspapers, also in Romania, Belgium, USA, India, Peru, Philippines. She has 4 books in Bulgarian, 1 in English, and she has also compiled a book as translator from Bulgarian into English, an anthology of Bulgarian top authors. She writes about nature, love and God, and her accent is the positive message at the final. Member of Flemish Party for Poetry. Editor in Homagi international Web literature magazine.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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