Russian Invasion & Sunflowers Don’t Bloom | Eileen Sateriale

Russian Invasion

Rolling tanks, 
the devil, Putin,
arrives without warning.
The invaded country, a zoo. 
Cities bombarded.
Ukrainian citizens 
not knowing where to go.
Muddy, soft ground,
dogs barking, 
endless walking,
feet hurting. 
Leave homes behind, 
keep walking.
Refuges, with the clothes 
on their backs catching trains, 
that still run, to friendly,
neighboring countries.  
Their country’s flag,
a banner of blue and yellow bands.
Wide blue skies denote calm
Yellow wheat fields, joy.
Blue skies grayed by aerial attacks
Russian tanks trample wheat fields.
Bands of blue and yellow.
Past symbol of calm and joy 
where sunflowers no longer bloom.

Sunflowers Don’t Bloom

Sunflowers don’t bloom today. 
Tanks ravage the fields of amber grains.
The blue skies dotted with Russian missiles. 
Flower shaped bullets fly into ground and air. 
Buildings in rubble.
Neighborhoods destroyed.
Refugees take trains to sympathetic neighbors.
Dead sunflower stalks fall and die.
Symbols of calm and joy in the 
blue and yellow banded Ukrainian flag 
are no more. Only sadness.

©2021 Eileen Sateriale
All rights reserved

Eileen Sateriale…

is a freelance writer living in Massachusetts.  Her poetry has appeared in Capsule Stories, Fumble Magazine, Peeking Cat Anthology, Poets are Heroes Magazine, Mused Literary Review, Helen Magazine, Blue Heron Review, The Show-Me Doctrine, Sol Magazine, Amaze Cinquain Journal and Bonsai Magazine.  She has had travel articles accepted on We Said Go Travel as well as non-fiction pieces in the Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the nineteenth amendment.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

One thought on “Russian Invasion & Sunflowers Don’t Bloom | Eileen Sateriale

  1. Praying for Ukraine and all the people suffering at the hands of an insane despot. Will there ever be peace on earth? NO! Too many people are in love with money, power, and absolute control. Putin is a billionaire many times over yet his lust for power and control supercedes any thought of human decency. How many Putins do we have in the world? Too many!
    Peace lays within earth’s physical beauty and the vastness of the universe. The sun rises and sets in its magnificence every day inspiring the poets, the writers, the musicians, the artists to rise above circumstance and and captivate the essence of the human spirit which is love, which is empathy, which is singing together in harmony.


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