Cold as a Mountain Peak | Gayle Rose

In meditation, I find my mind more restless and wandering than usual.  The minutes since sitting seem long and drawn out—time has stilled but not my attention.  Heaviness is pervasive and a tightness around my heart.

I’m conscious of the fan blades moving lazily overhead and a slightly warmed breeze coming through the open window.  The sound of tiny birds enters the room coming forth from the bird feeder hanging just outside.  A light, fluttering splash lets me know that someone is bathing in the nearby birdbath.  The chimes outside the kitchen door let out an almost imperceptible tinkling as the melody finds its way to my room.

silence breaks my heart
cold as a mountain peak
sunflowers weep

©2022 Karolina Grabowska

©2022 Gayle Rose
All rights reserved

Gayle Rose…

…writes: This is a Haibun poem written in support of the Ukrainian people that reflects my own feelings during this unsettling time.

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