Flag Confidential Lies | Faruk Buzhala

The Flag

It's a great pleasure
to write one young poet
poem for you.
To express, words to you
to unfold, one's feelings for you
to reveal, thinks to you.
I'm fascinated,
a little bit frustrated,
in a poem
which, like a present. comes
in one night without moon
where I was watching
from a window
the mountain top…
thinking about you!
Gerry Shepherd
Variant Two

Confidential Game 2

Furkani has style
But his style is stolen!

Furkani changes style
But they still steal it!

Furkani is left with no style,
Now he needs to create a new style!

And creates a superstyle;
Surprisingly they steal it again!
Gerry Shepherd
The Mask


I made my lie for the road
And I told it,
Fly like a wind!
It left in the morning,
And when it returned in the evening,
What to see?
It was growing, it was swollen
And perverted
So I did not recognize it!
Miroslava Panayotava
Autumn, acrylic and oil

Poetry ©2021 Faruk Buzzhala
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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