Mother Peace Meditation | Lorraine Caputo

Show Me Our Future, Sisters

I. Our Past Pours from Nine Cups

From our pasts
     we gather our pooled 
          waters of
Sweat       & tears
Into our communal fountain
     we have poured
          our labors       for work       & children
               our joys & our sorrows
We dance      & sing
     jump & dive
          into this gathering
               of Life

II. Daughters of Discs Holds Out Our Hopes & Fears

& here we stand
     in a circle of protection
Giving thanks
     for another day of life
Gathering energy
     within our vessel
Clasping a sacred pipe
     unashamed of who we are
Always knowing
     our village awaits
          to welcome us home

III. The Strength of Eight Discs

Miroslava Panayotava
memories, digital
Our strength
     is the many blankets we weave
Blankets to warm & protect
Blankets of the many 
     designs of our 
          individual beings
We shall share these
     huddled together
          laughing & storytelling
               during the cold winters
                    to come
     huddled together
          singing & praying
               spread out upon
                    verdant meadows

IV. A Two-Cupped Challenge

The challenge       the challenge
     of a siren singing to
          our male part
     a siren calming       taming
          our patriarchal world
The challenge
     to sing       & swim free
          as our peaceful
               dolphin sisters
The challenge       of remembering
     we all nourish one another
          water to earth to sky
          male to female
Under a crescent grandmother moon
     we shall
          meet our challenge
               drinking from one another’s cup

V. Our Future Is Justice

& there       & here
     our future
We have gathered the forces
     water       & earth
     female       & male
     human       & animal       & plant
Beneath the mighty
     Tree of Life
          Yggdrasil       the Ceiba
Roots deep into our Mother
     into our past
Growing upward
     spreading our limbs

Previously published in Woman Scream (Dominican Republic: Editorial Rosado Fucsia, 2020). 

Poetry ©2020 Lorraine Caputo
All rights reserved


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