640px-Burning_Yellow_SunsetSo many live our lives
groping from one darkness
to the next, praying
for the spark of hope
to light our way,
for we are certain
we’ll never see dawn,
never feel even sunset.

Others live in the sun-bright
moment of now.
They follow illumination
from within to find their way
through the dark times
until the Great Light
they enter.

And there are those of us,
like me, who’ve been through
the dark, the light,
and back again. For me,
the twilight will be enough,
as long as I feel the blind warmth
of your hand guiding me.

– Joseph Hesch

© 2015, poem, Joseph Hesch, All rights reserved; photograph, Sunset in Josua Tree, California by Jesse Eastland under CC BY-SA 3.0

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