Catching the Light

The theme for March for The BeZine is “renewal”. I think it’s a wonderful, appropriate subject, since Spring is practically at our doorstep (all the current snow and ice-storms notwithstanding) and our part of the world is waking up from the dark sleep of winter to the return of longer days (and light!). As the buds and bright green things begin to venture forth, it’s as if all of nature is renewing itself for another year.

Romans 12.2It can be this way with people, too, you know. We can renew ourselves by shaking off the sluggishness of the winter season and stretching, reaching for the light. In fact, we don’t even have to wait until Spring to do it. Each and every day is a chance for a new start, a chance to renew ourselves!

The following photos were part of one of my mother’s art series called “Catch the Light”, where she explored the realm of digital photography by using light and shadows and various interesting objects. In these I’ve posted, she used a water-lily flower from the pond in her yard and Aurora Borealis beads.

AB "Catch the Light" 13-7 Bettye Holte © 2003 all rights reserved
AB “Catch the Light” 13-7 Bettye Holte © 2003 all rights reserved

Both the beads and lily are great examples of “catching the light”. The beads, in case you’ve never heard of them, were created in the 1950’s by the famous Swarovski Crystal Company. To make the beautiful beads you see here, they use a stone/crystal that has been coated with thin layers of metal, to enhance the brilliance and reflective color qualities. The method of coating the stone/crystal involves vaporizing metals in a vacuum.

AB "Catch the Light" 13-11 Bettye Holte © 2003 all rights reserved
AB “Catch the Light” 13-11 Bettye Holte © 2003 all rights reserved

The water lily (or, as a symbol, the lotus) has also been used for thousands of years as a metaphor for enlightenment (and perpetual renewal, each day) in several religions. In Buddhism, different colors of lotuses mean different things, but the flower is generally associated with enlightenment, purity, beauty, spirituality, love and compassion. In Hinduism, it symbolizes purity, spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. In Egyptian culture, it has long been a symbol of rebirth and the Sun.

How can we, as people, “catch the light” and renew ourselves each day?

Doe Zantamada Every morning

When you wake up each day, remember that you have a whole new 24 hours to make you and your life into what you want it to be! Something to become aware of, is what are the things you are passionate about? What makes you feel alive and enthusiastic about life? Are you doing them? Why or why not? Make time! Do them! You only get one life, so make it as full as you possibly can with what you love and what sparks happiness inside of you.

I believe another important thing to consider is becoming aware of what things drag us down or block our reception of the light (the happiness and joy) around us. Once you can see what’s casting a shadow on your life (so to speak), then you can concentrate on what you need to do to get rid of it. Speaking of concentration, energy focused on the positive things in your life is much more productive and rewarding than always looking at the negatives. Like attracts like. The energy you send out to the universe will return to you ten-fold, so why not try to catch (and project) some light? 🙂

Dumbledore light buzzfeed

– Corina Ravenscraft

©2015, essay, Corina Ravenscraft, All rights reserved; photocredits as indicated above


Jamie Dedes is a Lebanese-American poet and free-lance writer. She is the founder and curator of The Poet by Day, info hub for poets and writers, and the founder of The Bardo Group, publishers of The BeZine, of which she was the founding editor and currently a co-manager editor with Michael Dickel. Ms. Dedes is the Poet Laureate of Womawords Press 2020 and U.S associate to that press as well. Her debut collection, "The Damask Garden," is due out fall 2020 from Blue Dolphin Press.

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