Uncle Spike” has started an initiative: Bloggers Unite for Peace. Check it out whether you are hobbyist or pro. Thanks to Spike for his efforts and to the participating bloggers for their spirit. J.D.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke


9 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite for Peace

    1. Also, check out “The Bardo Group” and “The BeZine” … and we have a FB Group page for discussion. If you want to join us there, Sue, let me know by message to my personal FB: G. Jamie Dedes “The BeZine” is https://intothebardo.wordpress.com To learn more about the group and efforst click on the page “Intro and Mission Statement” … Thanks, Sue, and be the peace. xoxo


      1. Hi Jamie.. I thank you most kindly.. If it is on FB, I can not check it out as I am not a member.. Your comment has disappeared from my notifications listing as I have just answered the many within it.. So I will revisit your site to re read your comment.:-) Many thanks Jamie, I appreciate your thoughtfulness

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