weeps economic cancer in the land | Chinedu Jonathan Ichu

why weeps the brogan?

i exist as a fact
you were enslaved as my muse
now we don't see eye to eye
i stole the truth from natures liquid haystack
wrestled it deep inside the crust of my chest
sorry can't give it back today,
its root hair bounds me, has refused to give up on me
it professed to my zealous heart's throb
and also to an undying fighting spirit
it continuously tickle my fancy
not to worry there will be plenty to go round
once it begins to sprout.

economic cancer of the bone

When the heart beats turmoil 
men become dead instincts 
animals dressed in polyester skin
regardless of their mother tongue
they pounce on warm blooded reeds
ready to devour their fleshly twilight 
you were meant to nurture these sweetened daffodils 
old enough to have strolled out your loin

not chain their virtue to the vent in your ugly cold room.

there is hunger in the land

wayward politicians are pointing accusing fingers
there are mouths agape
ready to devour justice
they no longer care
if it still remains the common mans last resort
my inside growls in anger
warning me in advance of an imminent outburst
rage fills up its spiked moist tentacles
that has ripped up my entire visceral to shreds
i scream...locked up in a feudal position
i demand a compilation of all our looted funds
my vertebral column strikes my flesh from within
"let me out, am sick and tired of this colorless cistern

it's has being cursed from within the embers of a caustic tongue."

©2021 Chinedu Jonathan Ichu
All rights reserved


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