ice temporal joy | Gabor Gyukicsic

ice dam removal

are there anymore stolen afternoons  
on lovely boardwalks tête-à-tête 
turning into bloody baywalks 
without warning signs of  
stalkers on stilts rounding up slaughtered whales  
and slaughtered pirates  
everyday people are running the bridges 
conning the Milarepa version on lacquered roads 
subsiding the skyline and every cul-de-sac  
with aggressive tendencies 
while fake tv crews  
decimating your beliefs in simple extremities 

rowing the temporal

as if a hundred years ago
and still 
indigenous simplicity is free from longing 
we dive underwater by subway 
from Pest to Buda  
we rest 
in the blinds of reeds on the shore 
an osprey orbits overhead 
speaking with his wings 
a grass snake glides under our feet into the sedge 
invisible frogs watching us 
dragonflies zip past 
we don’t yearn for anything 
in the meantime 
permutations of beauty sway in the breeze 
no command 
no pushing 
no boasting 
our eyes won’t blink at any material expertise

hidden joy

an unstrained person
chopping wood after wood to pieces 
in the swirling heat wave 
shared by a shrinking sun dialing for the moon  
to talk her into swapping 
the day for night 
wanting to set by gliding down a lake 
next to the riparian marsh 
among white warblers, ospreys 
where the mantis is scarce grievously for the gliding
      leaf frogs 
he who is incarcerated under a luminescent circle 
closed to a sublime coastline 
to cheer up the elusive wood chopper  
he who is building a raft at the behest 
of a swashbuckling superior  
he hates  
so, he’ll hide a leak he secretly bilged 
for everyone’s pleasure

Silhouette of Forest with Frogs
Pexels—Pixabay all rights reserved

©2023 Gabor Gyukicsic
All rights reserved

Gabor Gyukicsic…

…is an author of 11 books of poetry, 1 book of prose and 19 books of translations including A Transparent Lion, selected poetry of Attila József published by Green Integer, an anthology of North American Indigenous poets in Hungarian published in 2015 and a Contemporary Hungarian Poetry Anthology titled They’ll be Good for Seed published by White Pine Press.


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