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Kelly Kaur — Two Poems

A Singaporean’s Love Affair

I utter in clandestine code 
Nasi lemak, mee rebus, mee siam 
Paratha, mee pok, char kway teow, 
Biryani, nasi padang, rojak, char siew pao, 
Roti john, mee soto, popiah, putu piring 
Embedded in my genetic soul 
Ravenous for the familiarity of 
a satiating sustenance
a childhood defined
a hungry rebellion usurped
a displaced gluttonous immigrant 
lost in a gumbo of new worlds 
a legacy of bewilderment
longingly relishing fuel
that coursed through my veins
I prattle my mindless mantra 
Durian, satay, ice kacang, kaya, teh tarik 
Ketupat, laksa, lontong, dosai, agar agar 
Putu piring, wonton mee, chili crab 
Bak kut teh, chendol, gado gado
A foreigner
Forever famished

Untitled III
©2021 Miroslava Panayotova


sometimes it's arduous 
being colorful 
in this white world 
sometimes I stand out 
in the forest of humanity 
sometimes I fade 
in the landscape of dirt and mud 
sometimes I become invisible 
in the shroud of possibilities 
sometimes I crave to be  
a shade of nothing 

sometimes I yearn to be
simply monochromatic
Then you see me 
For who I am 

In that blind understanding

phenomenal love 
makes intricate connections

our disparities
fervently celebrated
by our equal residency
on this universal concourse
of life

and we all

©2021 Kelly Kaur
All rights reserved

The BeZine Spring

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Sydney lives in Singapore from which my son and daughter-in-law recently returned. They were enchanted and vow to go back. If Singapore is anything like Sydney and his blog, everyone would be completely charmed.

The Buddha said, “Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds.”  Sydney has fashioned his blog as a garland of beautiful posts. You will see from this one that he is so genuine and enthusiastic about life that he’s irresistible. This particular post warmed my heart. It is  loving, respectful, tender.

Today, it is an honor to share Sydney’s visit with his parents here. Thank you, Sydney! Jamie Dedes



Sydney Fong (Add Grain on Earth)


To day, my family and me spent half a day doing prayer to my ancestors and deceased parents. The littleBuddhist temple located at Paya Lebar road, where tranquil and serenity lived.


This is the place for holding the prayer for the deceased and the tablets.

My parents are somewhere at the left near the front.

But strangely, I couldn’t see them!


I walked to the back yard, saw a young papaya tree waved and said hello to me.


And walked further, asked Phalaenopsis,” where are my parents?”

She just smiled at me in return.


I asked the pearl drop, do you know where are my dearest parents?


I approached the aging bench.


I feel a balmy and gentle hand pat on my shoulder, and I looked up.
I saw daylight resting on the leaves. I saw them!


Dad and Mom said:” son, not to worry about us! We have friends, many friends here!

You should take good care of yourself and live meaningfully each day!”

I kept nodding in sob.


Raindrops witnessed and shared with me this moment.
My dearest Dad and Mom, I missed you!

© 2013, photographs/photo portrait/narrative, Sydney Fong, All rights reserved

myself-01SYDNEY FONG (Add Grain on Earth) started blogging in July of 2012 and focuses on photo essays with accompanying music and short narrative interludes. He is the sweet voice of Buddha-like gentleness and a self-described “visionary.” He earns his living as an architectural illustrator. Of his blog he says, “My blog entails categories of my interest, joy, upheaval of life and its destiny. Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.” I am pleased to welcome Sydney as a contributing writer to Into the Bardo.