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The View From My Place

1354462638grfgkThe winds in May are still rusty from winter
and our crystal spring arrives stop-and-go,
not here in full force yet this year, not dense
enough to clear the rust or make the iris

dance, though the poppies are present and
there are star lilies and peonies to tempt my
eye and my wallet at the grocery. They stand
alongside the strawberries, buxom and red
and on sale this morning. A sprightly breeze

blew me home with promises of summer
tenderness, of willow branches sashaying
and of wild grasses amassed in tangles that
attract the artist’s vision and able brush.
My purple orchid is thriving and the bees are

as fat as baby mice, clever and cute. On the
mossy margins of the northern side there
are human infants with their midnight tears
waiting to be dried by serious fathers who walk
deep purple streets in slow comforing rhythms,

their newborns gently held, heads wobbling
like little drunks dripping saliva on their dads’
49er sweatshirts, while moms catch a rare nap.
Watching quietly from my place in life, I poem.

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved
Photo courtesy of morgueFile

Note: A recording of John Anstie reading this poem can be heard on John’s SoundCloud site HERE. John’s other readings may be heard HERE.

Photo on 2014-03-31 at 17.16 #3JAMIE DEDES (The Poet by Day)~ I am a mother and a medically retired (disabled) elder. The graces of poetry, art, music, writing and study continue to evolve as a sources of wonder and solace, as a creative outlet, and as a part of my spiritual practice.


Jamie Dedes is a Lebanese-American poet and free-lance writer. She is the founder and curator of The Poet by Day, info hub for poets and writers, and the founder of The Bardo Group, publishers of The BeZine, of which she was the founding editor and currently a co-manager editor with Michael Dickel. Ms. Dedes is the Poet Laureate of Womawords Press 2020 and U.S associate to that press as well. Her debut collection, "The Damask Garden," is due out fall 2020 from Blue Dolphin Press.

14 thoughts on “The View From My Place

  1. What a gentle journal poem from your nighttime hours. I especially enjoyed your description of life with a new baby. We who have been there wrap our arms around those families because it is such a precious necessary time of life, but oh so difficult.


    1. It is a wonderful time but as you say a diffcult one. Young families need the support of the the “village.” I value you comments, Pat. Always thoughtful. Thank you.


  2. What a fantastic vision of life. Lots of rich images in this, Jamie. I hesitate to say it, but I think that the move has been beneficial to both you and your muse. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Corina. It was as good to write it as it was to live. I do hope this move does my muse good, though I haven’t yet had a chance to do much writing between one busy thing and another. This was actually written some time ago at my old place, where there were young families. I fear now my poetry will be about old people, reflecting the population here. LOL! Well, we are still part of life, eh? Be well and thanks for all your share.


  3. How did I miss this, Jamie! I must have been away. You know I love this poem. It did inspire me … as you know. Sorry I missed it.

    P.S. Just checked my diary and we were away for my granddaughter’s birthday; I was also poorly that weekend. So double excuse 😉


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