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The  BeZine

Volume 9       Spring 2022       Issue 1

Orange Flower by Misoslave Panayotova


with a special section—

Ukraine Peace

Cover art Orange Flowers
Water Color
©2021 Miroslava Panayotova


Sustainability and Ukraine Peace

Welcome to the Spring Issue of The BeZine centered on SustainABILITY with a special section on Peace for Ukraine. Authors, artists, and creatives from around the world have come together here to shine lights on our common home, this spinning globe we all inhabit.

It seems every day brings a new story of climate change and its impact on our world so it can, at times, feel hopeless to even try to attempt change. Yet humans have a long history of changing things long thought intractable. That is why I love this season of the BeZine, with its focus on SustainABILITY. We ARE able and that vision of ability grows with the dreamers, the writers, the painters, and the poets.

This past month has hit us hard, however. Putin has invaded Ukraine, so hopelessness, heartbreak, horror, and hate fill our news, our conversations, and our hearts. War makes everything harder, including efforts at sustainability. Here in our special section, voices rise in community with our neighbors to speak up for our common humanity. We hold hope for a peace that respects all human lives, dignities, and freedoms.

May Peace prevail on Earth.

—Chrysty Darby Hendrick, Associate Editor


Table of Contents

Ukraine Peace



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Spiritual Ecology

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The BeZine

Be Inspired…Be Creative…Be Peace…Be 





Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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